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Transform lives

and communities

St. Pete is the place that you work hard and play harder. Having a cool space of your own should not be so difficult. That’s why True Simple Living is a commitment to giving young professionals, students and our proud Veterans the coolest and most affordable space to call home!

True Simple Living is a new part of the tiny house movement that  holds a lot of potential to transform lives and communities. The idea behind True Simple Living is straightforward: bring tiny houses together in one place to create communities that share land, time together, skills, support, and other resources.

The South St. Petersburg Community Redevelopment Area Highlights

Issues Identified in the CRA

In October 2014, the South St. Petersburg CRA Ad Hoc Planning Committee convened a public workshop to elicit ideas and information from the community. Insight shared:

• Housing and Neighborhood Revitalization
• Public Safety
• Economic Development
• Community Empowerment and Enrichment

  • Neighborhood organization and ownership
  • Unemployment/Underemployment
  • Underperforming Schools
  • Crime Prevention/Community Policing

  • Lack of access to capital
  • Poor transportation access
  • Poor perception/marketing of South St. Petersburg

South St Pete CRA – What Will You Ask?

  • We asked that the City and County break the mold to create the first CRA in Pinellas ever to be located in a low-income community (all the other CRAs in the County are located in downtown or in-town areas)….and ultimately, they did.
  • We asked that the CRA be 7.4 square miles (instead of the original 1.5 mile area proposed)…the City & County said yes.
  • We asked for changes in policies so that dollars could be used to help “people and programs,” not just to build buildings…the City & County said yes.
  • We asked that the City leverage the new dollars even farther by funding grant-writing and match dollars to nonprofits pursuing grants….the City said yes.
  • We asked that community leaders be at the table in decision making…the City said yes!

People from the Community Leading the Way

Dr. Ricardo Davis , Deborah Figgs-Sanders, Theresa Jones, Art O’Hara, Coy Lasister, Canaan McCaslin, Dr. Yvonne, Scruggs-Leftwich, Urban Affairs Director Nikki Gaskin-Capehartt, Deputy Mayor Dr. Kanika Tomalin, CRA Coordinator Rick Smith, City Councilmembers Karl Nurse, Lisa Wheeler-Brown,Steve Kornell, Darden J. Rice, Gypsy Gallardo and others.

The Tiny House Movement

Tiny house villages are a new part of the tiny house movement, yet they hold a lot of potential to transform lives and communities.

Some tiny house villages are still in the planning phase or are demonstration villages, and many are designed to house homeless veterans or affordable services housing.

What we see today may be the beginnings of a
large and diverse tiny house village movement.


The Tiny House Movement


A tiny solution to a big problem is beginning to catch on across the country. The solution to finding homes for the homeless veterans, service employees and students is being met in many areas by building villages of tiny houses. By tiny, we mean about 16 x 20 feet and affordable!


About our Homes

True Simple Living’s introductory Bay View 1 BR Tiny Home has 1 Bedroom and 1 Bathroom and is the idea pad for the new millennial just starting out or the savvy, trendsetting Baby Boomer making their way in their second career.

The beautiful outdoor wood patio with a sliding glass door makes this the perfect home for indoor/outdoor living. This sleek design also features a spacious kitchen/living area, vinyl wood floors, as well as electrical, heating/air, and bright lighting throughout.

As the tiny house movement grows, so too does the desire for True Simple Living in our community.

Building Specs

Safest Roof System
• 2×6 truss system
• Double top plate and hurricane ties
• Top plate is attached to our 2×6 ceiling joists for added strength
• 7/16″ OSB roof
• 29-gauge metal roof with 40 year product warranty

Sturdier Walls
• All wall studs, as well as floor and ceiling joists are nailed 16″ on center for maximum durability
• 2×4 studs with a double stud every 4 feet

Long-Lasting Exterior Finishes
• LP Smart Panel Siding treated with Smart Guard
• Sherwin Williams Paint with 25 year product warranty

Superior Flooring
• High pressure treated 2×6 floor joists that protect against termites, mold, and mildew
• 5/8″ tongue and groove LP Pro Struct floor treated with Smart Guard (to keep your home dry inside) with a 50 year product warranty
• High pressure treated 4×6 notched runners that protect your home from ground contact
• Sturdier Walls
• All wall studs, as well as floor and ceiling joists are nailed 16″ on center for maximum durability
• 2×4 studs with a double stud every 4 feet

Insulation All Around
• 3×3 and 3×5 vinyl tilt single hung insulated windows
• 1.5″ spray foam insulation in floor
• R11 insulation in walls
• R13 insulation in ceiling

Developmental Budget: $996,360.00

  • Number of Units: 20
  • Cost per Unit: $48,318.00
  • Land Acquisition: $100,00.00
  • Site Improvements: $60,000.00
  • Professional Fees: $30,000.00
  • Construction: $801,360.00

Mario Shirley 954-668-1963 |mariobernardshirley@gmail.com| truesimpleliving.com

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